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Lecture 2

(for individual student reference viewing only)

below left:detail from Mycerinus & His Queen, from Giza, slate, h: 56", Dynasty IV, Old Kingdom.
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston):
below right: Peplos Kore by carver of the Rampin Horseman, marble, h: 1.17 m, c. 530 B.C.
(Acropolis Museum, Athens):

below left: Kouros of Tenea, stone, h: 1.35 m, c. 550 B.C. (Munich Glyptothek, Munich):
below right: Kouros of Melos, stone, h: 2.14 m, c. 560-550 B.C. (National Museum, Athens):

below:The Kritian Boy, by Kritios, marble, h: 0.86m or c. 34", c. 490-480 B.C. (Acropolis Museum, Athens):

below: Kore from the Acropolis, stone, h: 0.51 m, c. 480 B.C. (Acropolis Museum, Athens):

below:Man with Ephebe, copy by Alpah Arts of a Greek kylix, red figure painting, d: N/A, date: N/A,
(location: N/A):

below:Birth of Aphrodite or Ludovisi Throne, from Gardens of Sallust, Rome, marble, h: 1.04 m,
c. 460 B.C. (Terme Museum, Rome):

below: Symposium Scene, red-figured kylix by the Tarquinia Painter, d: N/A, c. 470-460 B.C.
(Antikenmuseum, Basel, Switzerland):

below: Nike Unlacing her Sandal from the balustrade of the Athena Nike temple, Acropolis, Athens, marble,
c. 37" h, c. 410-407 B.C. (Acropolis Museum, Athens):

below: Nereid, akroterion from the Hephaisteion (Temple of Haphaestus) overlooking the Agora, Athens,
Parian marble, h: c. 49", c. 430 B.C. (Agora Museum, Athens):

below: Venus Genetrix, marble copy of original of c. 410 B.C., by Kallimachos, h: 60.5", c. 100 B.C. (Conservatori, Rome):

below: Aphrodite of Cyrene (Venus Anadyomene), copy of original 3rd - 2nd cent. B.C., marble,
h: just under life-size, c. 1st cent. B.C. (Terme Museum, Rome):

below: Head of Aphrodite, also Leconfield Head, copy of original of 3rd - 2nd cent. B.C., marble,
h: just under life-size, date: N/A (Petworth House, West Sussex, England):

below: Temple of Aphrodite, Tivoli, marble, h: N/A, 130 A.D. (Tivoli, Italy):

below: Temple of Aphrodite Euplois at Knidos drawing, by Iris Love:

below: Temple of Madura, stone, h: N/A, 11th cent. A.D. (Madura, India):

below: Towers of Kandarya Mahadev Temple, stone, h: 30 m, 11th cent. A.D. (Khujarao, India):

below: Heavenly bands of Kandarya Mahadev Temple, stone, h: 30 m, 11th cent. A.D. (Khujarao, India):

below: Lakshmana Temple Detail, stone, h: N/A, before 1000. A.D. (Khujarao, India):

below: Icon of the Goddess ~ from a Hyderabad temple, stone altar, h: N/A, 11th cent. A.D.
(Alampur Museum, Hyderabad State, India):

below: Satyr and Nymph, marble copy, h: 60 cm, original 3rd - 2nd cent. B.C. (Conservatori, Rome):

below: Aphrodite, Eros and Pan ~ from Delos, marble, with restorations, h: 1.29 m, late 2nd cent. B.C. (National Archeological Museum, Athens):

below: Barberini Faun, marble copy, with restorations, h: 2.15 m, c. 200 B.C. (Vatican Museums, Rome):

below: Canon (Doryphorus "Spear Bearer"), Polykleitos (of Argos, fl.c. 450 B.C.), marble copy,
with restorations, h: 1.99m, Museo Nationale, Naples, Italy:

below: Sleeping Hermaphrodite, marble copy, l: 1.47 m, c. 200 B.C. (Terme Museum, Rome):