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Lecture 3

(for individual student reference viewing only)

below: Execution Scene ~ from Kalaa Scia, North Africa, terracotta, h: N/A:

below: Adam and Eve ~ capital, stone, h: N/A, c. 1100 A.D. (Church of Notre-Dame, Chauvigny, France):

below: Eve With the Forbidden Fruit ~ at Saint Lazare, Autun, stone, h: N/A, 1120-1135 A.D.
(Musee Rolin, Autun):

below: Pergatory Scene, French, stone, h: N/A, c. 1250-1300 A.D. (Bourges, France):

below: Rape of a Sabine, Giambologna (also Jean Boulogne, or Giavonni Bologna, Franco-Flemish,
1529-1608), marble, h: 410 cm, 1581-2 (Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence):

below: The Birth of the Passions, Antoine Wiertz (Belgian, 1806-1865), marble, h: c. 30", c. 1860
(Musee Wiertz, Brussels):

below: I am Beautiful ~ also, The Abductor, Francois Auguste Rene Rodin (French, 1840-1917), plaster,
h: 29.5", 1882 (Musee Rodin, Paris):

below: Study for Self-Portrait, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, British, 1924-2005, bronze, h: 34", 1989
(Royal Academy, London):

below left: Denise VI, Alberto Giacometti (Swiss, 1901-1966), bronze, h: 52", 1956, location: N/A:

below right: Walking Man, Alberto Giacometti (Swiss, 1901-1966), bronze, h:N/A, 1957
(Museum of Modern Art, New York):

below: Adam and Eve, Fernando Botero (Columbian, 1932- ), bronze, h: c. 20', 1997
(Time Warner Center, New York):

below: The Angel of the City, Marino Marini (Italian, 1901-1980), bronze, h: 5.5', 1949
(Collection Peggy Guggenheim, Venice):

below: Self Portrairt on a Bear, Marlene Miller (American, contemporary), earthenware, h: 45", 1987,
location: N/A:

below: The Rock-Drill, Jacob Epstein (American, 1880-1959), bronze, torso h: 71 cm, 1913-4
(Tate Gallery, London):

below: A Stroll Drown Peachtree Street, Marisol Escobar (Venezuelan, 1930- ), wood, acrylic, charcoal,
h: 83", 1997 (Marlborough Gallery, New York):

below: Infanta and Two Meninas, Michel Langlais (American, contemporary), bronze, h: 24", 1997,
location: N/A:

below: Dawn, Charles Leonard Hartwell (British, 1873-1951), marble, h: 76", c. 1909 (Tate Gallery, London):

below: God's Gift to Women, Malvina Hoffman (American, 1887-1966), bronze, h: N/A, c. 1927-1932
(Chicago Field Museum, Chicago):

below: Acis and Galathea, Auguste-Louis-Marie Ottin (French, 1811-1890), marble, h: N/A, 1852-63
(Medici Fountain, Luxembourg Garden, Paris):

below: The Kiss, Francois Auguste Rodin (French, 1840-1917), marble, h: 1.86 m, 1886 (Musee Rodin, Paris):

below: Spring Sighs, Bohumil Kafka (Czech, 1878-1920), marble, h: 94 cm, 1906-20, location: N/A:

below: The Column of Life, Malvina Hoffman (American, 1887-1966), marble, h: N/A, 1917
(George Scott Collection, Chicago):