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Sandra Shaw has been sculpting the figure since 1981, and casting in bronze for sale to the public since 1985. She began her career with on-the-job training, sculpting a series of life-size figures for permanent display at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada. She went on to receive formal instruction in life-drawing under Canadian painter Dwayne Harty; and life-drawing and sculpture under Master sculptor Anthony Antonios at the National Academy, New York City.

Sandra Shaw's sculptures are owned privately throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in England, Australia, Bermuda, Singapore. Her works are also held in several Canadian museums and institutions. She shows regularly throughout North America at venues that emphasize the human figure.

She continues to advance her knowledge and skills through study of the figure and direct study of Master works worldwide. Her professional memberships include the National Sculpture Society and the California Art Club. She is recipient of the coveted Leonard J. Meiselman Award for Best Classical Figure at the NSS Annual Exhibition. Other awards include the National Academy's Lucrezia Bori Award and the Elliot Liskin Award for Sculpture, The Hudson Valley Art Association.

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(Gallery photo courtesy of Godfrey Joseph)

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