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"I purchased your sculpture 'Ideal Head' last summer and have placed it in a prominent place in my home. Your artwork provides me with daily inspiration and beauty. The look on the face of the woman is one of intelligence; expressing an intense focus on an object of her thought, yet combined with a calm, peaceful confidence that she is fully capable of achieving her desires and goals (and by implication, that she lives in a world where human achievement is possible). Whenever I gaze at her beautiful, ideal head I get the same feeling. I can say without hesitation that your sculpture has inspired me to become a better person by reminding me of my own ideals and the values I pursue in my own life. Thank you for producing such a magnificent work of art."

"I am the owner of 'Morning' and 'The Island' which I have had prominently displayed in my home for over 10 years. To be able to reflect on these two marvelous creations is an unmatched joy. Having met Sandra, I can only say her spirit is perfectly captured in her productions."
"I can't wait to see 'Morning'! I have your brochure taped to the wall above my desk. She is absolutely stunning -- you do marvelous work."

"Thank you for your wonderful work."
"I am convinced that there is hope for Man with a mind like yours!"
"I love just sitting in the living room, looking at my sculpture. Thank you for the joy."

New Jersey
"'Standing Nude is a beautifully crafted piece, as well as an expressive one. I truly admire how you've created a contemporary sculpture that evokes the rich tradition of bronze sculpture, without being overpowered by that history. I look forward to living with this work of art. The best art, like the best kind of friends, just seems to get better with time."
"'Standing Nude' is wonderful!! THANK YOU for creating such an uplifting sculpture!!!"

New Jersey
"'A Moment's Rest' continues to give me pleasure for four years. It is the most beautiful thing I own."
"I received 'A Moments Rest' a few days ago and I am more than excited about it! She looks as if she could just walk away if she chose to. What a talent you have! You are becoming famous in this area. I look forward to your next achievement."
"We received 'A Moments Rest' last week, and we have been too busy admiring her to tell you thank you. She is even lovelier than we remembered. She has the place of honor in our living room, and we get the most admiring compliments from all our guests. We love her very much. Thank you for sharing your talent and vision with us
Alberta, Canada
'A Moment's Rest' is a constant source of pleasure for me; my living room would feel empty without it."
"'A Moments Rest' sits now proudly in the middle of our conference table. It has made it such a pleasure to enter this room now. I sincerely hope that in the future we can own more of your beautiful sculptures. But in the meantime, I consider myself happy to own this one, with its aesthetic harmony that gives me so much joy."
New York
"I want you to know that the more I have the opportunity to view 'A Moments Rest' from every angle, the more I enjoy it. You are a perfectionist."
"Looking at 'A Moments Rest' some weeks after it arrived, it suddenly struck me that you had expressed -- closer than any other work of art I've seen -- the ideal feminine form; and I realized that this was something I've looked for. I love so much more about the work, but this struck a chord. You are an exceptional artist."
New York
"I only had to contemplate 'A Moments Rest' and the fact that you chose to create it, and my outlook on this day was restored instantly. Thank you."

"After living with 'Our Banner' and 'Success' for a few years now, and often comparing them to sculptures of similar size and theme, I grasp more clearly how well you managed to capture the celebration of the human spirit."
"In the future, they will be writing books about you, not just newspaper columns."
"Keep up the romantic sculpture - Benvenuto Cellini would be proud."

Ontario, Canada
"I bought 'Emerging' last August, and I thought I'd write to say that I am a satisfied customer. Thank you for your statue. I need it often. It is good to think that you are out there; that conditions are right for a talent like yours."
"I'd like to say thank you, for being who you are and making it possible for me to own a work like 'Emerging.'"
"'Banner' and 'Emerging' are as beautiful as ever and much admired by everyone who sees them. I keep looking at 'Banner' as I write this letter. It is beautiful from afar as I take it in as a whole; and just as beautiful is the amazingly intricate detail when I look more closely at it."
"I was thrilled with my husband's selections of 'Emerging' and "Our Banner' for our art collection. Each day brings new joy in having them around me. I find myself staring at both pieces almost daily and often seeing something I hadn't noticed before."

"'The Island' is a beautiful sculpture!"

Toronto, Canada
"'Success' looks lovely! What a remarkable piece of art."
"I look forward to the pro-life energy your work radiates; it fuels my living tank."
"You've succeeded in capturing beauty at rest."

"We love our Thomas Jefferson sculpture. It is our first art purchase. It is an awe-inspiring work. Sometimes I sit on the couch and just stare at Jefferson's face, at his hands, or at some other detail of the work. A valuable, valuable piece of art -- even more so in spiritual terms than in materialistic terms."

"We love the new addition to our home: 'The Sculptor.'"
New York
"Please continue what you're doing. It brings me joy."

"Now that I have 'Banner,' I find an even deeper sense of its impact as an expression of freedom and joy. How wonderful that you captured that."
Whitby, Canada
"Your genius will be counted among the greats."

New Jersey
"'Don Quixote' looks exciting. I have not seen a horse like this since Remington."
Toronto, Canada
"Don Quixote is a premier work of Art."
Corey Keeble, author, European Bronzes
Assoc. Curator, European Department,
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
"The 'Don Quixote' horse is a masterpiece, and has as much to commend it as the best French animalier bronzes of the 19th century, or the earlier animal sculptures of the Baroque and Renaissance styles."

Ontario, Canada
"The reason for this letter is to tell you how important seeing your work was to me. Last year I was at a point in my life when I doubted I'd ever see anyone creating such things. Whether anyone felt as I did. I needed proof that someone like you existed. Thank you."
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