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The Dr. Victor C. Goldbloom Portrait Bust

original reference photographs

The portrait bust in bronze of Canadian doctor,
Victor C. Goldbloom, private collection.

Canadian pediatrician Dr. Victor C. Goldbloom practiced in the Montreal area for about 30 years, and served for eight years as Federal Commissioner of Official Languages before retiring in 1999. The Goldbloom portrait was based on a number of sources, most importantly several live-sittings. The sittings were of most benefit in giving me a sense of his personality. I was able to experience the subtle warmth of his character in these meetings, and this experience gave the work its presence.
A video of Dr. Goldbloom delivering a public address and still photographs supplemented the information I obtained from the sittings. As well, I was able to read some of his speeches and talk with some close friends of his. These interviews helped round out my sense of his character. Because of the extensive sources available for this work, it became what I consider to be technically my finest portrait to-date.

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Title: Victor C. Goldbloom
Figure Height: 22.5 inches
Mounted height:
Medium: bronze sculpture in the round
Edition: 6
Artist Proof: 2
Hors commerce: 1
Date of prototype: 1994-95
Current Edition Status: not for sale

Private collection